RAA (Retro Account Adjustment)

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RAA is the process to adjust past payroll expense charges by removing the charge from one or more AFF (account) combinations, and applying the charge to one or more AFF (account) combinations. The adjustment can involve employee gross pay, employee overtime or employer contributions such as Medicare, Social Security, SURS, Health, Life, and Dental. This transaction is for costing purposes only, and does not affect the employee’s pay, earnings statement or W-2 amounts.

RAA E-Form

Click the above link for the RAA E-Form & Instructions

RAA Reference sheet

RAA Vice Chancellor Medicare and Social Security Accounts Chart - Revised August 2011

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RAA Calculation Worksheets for Partial Pay Periods:

BW Payroll Worksheet

SM Payroll Worksheet

MO Payroll Worksheet

Medicare & SS RAA Worksheet