Employee Health Plan Premiums

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While the state covers most of the cost of employee health insurance, employees also make monthly salary-based contributions for healthcare coverage. Contribution amounts are based on the employee's salary; the higher their salary, the higher their contribution. Contributions remain in effect from July 1 until June 30, unless the member retires, accepts a voluntary salary reduction, or returns to state employment at a different salary. (This does not apply to members returning to work from a leave of absence.) Employees who enroll in a managed care plan will pay a lower monthly contribution. Employees who reside in Illinois who do not have managed care available in their county should contact the CMS Group Insurance Division at 1-800-442-1300 or 217-558-4671.

Quality Care Health Plan is a medical indemnity plan that offers a comprehensive range of benefits. Managed Care Plans vary from county to county. The managed care plans covered in the Jackson County area are Health Alliance HMO, Aetna HMO, Aetna OAP, and HealthLink OAP. The Consumer Driven Health Plan is also available.  For a complete listing of insurance plans covered in the State of Illinois, go to www.benefitschoice.il.gov, click on 'State Employees', 'Benefit Plans'. The State offers managed care plans located throughout the State. 

Available plans and FY21 premium rates are available in the FY21 Benefits Choice booklet.

See the CMS website for Employee & Dependent Contributions To calculate your cost, use the Premium Calculation Worksheet for Full-Time Employees on the CMS webpage.

NOTE: Employees at 50 to 99% time must pay a prorated portion of the employer cost, in addition to the employee premiums shown above. Contact the Human Resource Benefits Office to get the applicable premiums at 618-453-6668.

Dependent Health Plan Premiums

Monthly dependent premiums are in addition to member contributions. Dependents must be enrolled in the same plan as the member under whom they are enrolled. Medicare dependent premiums apply only if Medicare is PRIMARY for both Parts A and B. Members with questions regarding Medicare status may contact the CMS Group Insurance Division, Medicare Coordination of Benefits (COB) Unit at 800-442-1300 or 217-782-7007. Employees who reside in Illinois who do not have managed care available and enroll dependents should contact CMS Group Insurance Division.

If you become a SERS/SURS annuitant/survivor on or after 1/1/98, or a TRS annuitant/survivor on or after 7/1/99, and have less than 20 years of creditable service, call your retirement system for applicable premiums.
SERS: 217-785-7444, SURS: 800-275-7877,TRS: 800-877-7896.