HealthLink Updates ID Cards

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New for FY22, the HealthLink ID cards will only have the member’s name listed.  This is a change from previous years when all covered dependents would receive a card with their name.  Additionally, HealthLink is not including middle initials on the ID cards any longer.

There were 2 cards sent out to members and their dependents who are Medicare-Eligible but are not Medicare Primary at this time.  The members can disregard the card with the Medicare claim submission information and use the HealthLink ID card. 

If members have any questions regarding their ID cards, please have them contact HealthLink OAP directly (toll-free) 800-624-2356 or, 877-379-5802.  Either number will provide specific prompts for claims prior to, or after 7/1, and the member will be transferred accordingly.

Additionally, the member can print their ID cards from the HealthLink online portal by visiting