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Since 2016, SIU has partnered with Mercer Health and Benefits to offer insurance to employees who are defined as full-time by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) but are not eligible for insurance through the State of Illinois Employee Group Insurance Program (SEGIP).   Working with Mercer and Reliance Standard, SIU offers a limited benefit program to eligible employees who meet the definition of ACA full-time and are not eligible for SEGIP coverage.  This group of employees, generally extra help, are commonly referred to as “Gap” employees.  As Gap employees are identified during the hiring process, Human Resources works with Mercer to notify the employee of their available coverage and enrollment periods.  During this enrollment period, the employee can either enroll or opt out of the coverage. 

Employee Information

  • 2021 SIU Reliance Standard Employee Brochure
  • 2021 Reliance Standard Premium Rate Chart
  • To enroll, the University ID number is the employee's AIS number with zeros added in front of the AIS number to create a nine-digit number.
  • Questions? Call RSL Specialty Products Administration at 1-866-375-0775; representatives are ready to answer your coverage questions Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, ET. You also may get more information, download claim forms, check claim status or request a new ID Card by visiting our website at

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