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Extra Help employment is used to fill an infrequent or emergency needs within departments. Extra Help appointments may be utilized for a maximum of 900 hours of actual work in any consecutive 12 calendar months. The amount of time for which services are needed is not usually predictable and payment for work performed is on an hourly basis.

The Human Resource Director has the authority to designate certain areas to maintain an appropriate list. In conjunction with appropriate Vice Chancellor, this will be determined. Such as: Housing, Plant & Service Operations, Theater and Touch of Nature but not limited to these areas listed.

Once the Application for Extra Help is received, the human resource representative will forward to appropriate Vice Chancellor or designated area to review. The appropriate representative will conduct a review of the candidate’s qualifications and conduct a verbal interview. If applicant is acceptable, the representative should place on the appropriate extra help list.

Individuals interested in Extra Help employment must complete the application linked below.

Extra Help Application