W-2 Information for Student Employees

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When will W-2s be available?

W-2s will be available for viewing and printing on the HRSS self-serve website for those who agreed to Electronic W-2 Consent, as soon as the process is complete. For those who did not provide electronic consent, paper W-2s will be mailed no later than January 31st, of the year following the taxable year.

W-2 Addresses

If you want your W-2 mailed to a particular address, you must change your address on the HRSS self-serve website or at HR Payroll in Woody Hall. Please check-in with the receptionist located in Room 152.

How many W-2s will an employee receive?

Each employee will receive ONLY one W-2 regardless of the number of payroll types, classifications, assignments, or positions held; as the AIS system accumulates all y-t-d amounts prior to printing.

Fringe Benefit W-2s: Some employees may also receive an additional W-2 for the following taxable fringe benefits: vehicle usage, clothing provided, non-cash awards and gifts, moving expenses, etc.

Educational Tuition Waivers: The value of tuition waivers for undergraduate level courses is not taxable. The value of tuition waivers for graduate level courses (except Teaching or Research Assistants) is not taxable up to $5,250. If the value of your waiver exceeds this amount, your W-2 may be adjusted for the amount over the tax-free limit of $5,250.

What if an employee does not receive a W-2?