Exempt W-4 Renewal Procedures

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Any Form W-4 claiming EXEMPT from tax withholding for any calendar year will expire in mid-February of the following year.  To continue as exempt from tax withholding, you must complete a new Form W-4 claiming EXEMPT during the new calendar year and it must be received by HR-Payroll by February 1st. To claim EXEMPT you must complete step 4 on a new Form W-4 by entering the year in which you are claiming EXEMPT and by entering or selecting EXEMPT from the drop down menu. Please complete, sign, and date both areas of the Form W-4 and return it to the HR-Payroll or update on HRSS by February 1st of the new calendar year.  Any Form W-4 not re-filed as EXEMPT by February 1st will result in a default of single claiming zero withholding allowances until a new form is received by HR-Payroll or it is updated in HRSS by the employee.

NOTE:  Taxes withheld from any payroll processed prior to the receipt of a new W-4 will not be refunded.