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A W-4 form must be on file for every student employee for the following reason:

  1. The form provides SIU with the number of withholding allowances the student wishes to claim. This information is then used in the calculation of federal income tax withheld from the students’ paycheck.

Explanation of required information:

  1. Full Name and Addresses, Date of Birth
  2. Social Security Number 
  3. Marital Status: S=Single, M=Married; if you have marked on the W-4 form ‘Married, but withhold at higher Single rate,’ you will be listed as S=Single. 
  4. If your last name differs from that on your social security card, check here and call 1 (800) 772 1213 for a new card
  5. Total number of allowances you are claiming is the number of federal allowances you wish to claim. 
  6. Additional Amount is the additional dollar amount for federal withholding, if any that you want deducted from each pay.
  7. Exemption from withholding is filled out if you do not want any tax withheld. You must also enter the tax year you wish to be exempt. If you file EXEMPT, you must renew the W-4 form each February 1st. If you wish to claim EXEMPT for state tax, you must write EXEMPT on the State (bottom) section of the form.

Employee’s signature and Date must be on both sections of the form.

(IL W-4 on bottom of form) --Enter the total number of allowances you are claiming on the Illinois side of the W-4 and sign and date.

For a copy of the Illinois W-4 with instructions and worksheet you may click here:


For a copy of the Federal W-4 with instructions and worksheet you may click here:


Please note: The W-4 form for payroll purposes needs to be the form supplied by the HR-Payroll Office. You may download one from the HR-Payroll website or go to Woody Hall 1st Floor, 900 S. Normal Avenue, Carbondale, IL 62901 and ask for the form.