Student Paycheck Distribution

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Student employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis (every other Friday). The payroll periods run Sunday through Saturday, with the payday being the second Friday following the end of the payroll period. The scheduled payday may be moved to an earlier day if the scheduled payday falls on a day in which the University is closed.

SIU Carbondale requires all employees to participate in electronic direct deposit of earnings; into a bank account at a financial institution of your choice. The electronic direct deposit form is available on E-forms website

  •  Electronic direct deposit(EDD) is convenient
  •  EDD is safe and efficient
  •  EDD improves confidentiality of payroll information, reduces instances of lost or stolen checks, eliminates the need to cash checks, and ensures funds are delivered on payday even during break periods

The exact distribution of your student employment pay is available to you on SalukiNet.

You will receive direct deposits for each job in which time was reported when you work in more than one student employment job during a payroll period.

Contact Human Resources in advance of your last paycheck to cancel your EDD when you separate from the University and close your bank account before your final payment.