Summer Insurance Billing

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Important information regarding insurance coverage during the summer academic break

Employees on an academic or flex year appointments will have their elected insurance coverage (health, dental, life, and dependent coverage, if applicable) through the State Employees Group Insurance Program (SEGIP) automatically continue during the summer academic break period through August 31, 2017, unless you provide a completed and signed Academic Summer Leave Insurance Termination Request form.

Academic staff that are 9 month (paid over 9 months) or on flex year assignments will be billed for the summer months’ premiums except for months you receive a summer contract.  For payroll deduction of insurance premiums from a summer contract, Human Resources must have received the approved and signed summer contract and you must actively be on the payroll at the time the billing month occurs, otherwise payment must be made directly to CMS as indicated below.

Academic staff that have their salary pro-rated (9 month salary paid over 12 months) will continue to have their insurance premiums deducted directly from their pay.  If you would like to prorate your salary for the upcoming 2017-2018 academic year, submit a completed Academic Nine-Month Prorate Authorization form to Human Resources before the August 15, 2017 deadline.

The premiums billed during the summer leave period are the same amounts you had withheld from your pay while you were actively working. 

Coverage cannot retroactively be terminated. 

Making Payment to CMS
Employees that are direct billed by Central Management Services (CMS) for premiums due must make payment by the final due date indicated on the statement in order to ensure continued coverage.  If payment is not received by the final due date, your insurance coverage will be terminated. Payment may be made either by check or through the State’s Epay system. Information regarding method of payment, as well as how to access the Epay system will be included with your bill from CMS.

If you have questions regarding this matter, please contact Human Resources at 618-453-6668 before your spring appointment ends on May 15, 2017.   

Please review both the 'Time Away from Work' and 'Returning to Work' sections on the HR Benefits website.  Certain changes may be available with regard to your insurance benefits.

If you have questions regarding this matter, please contact Human Resources at 618-453-6668 before your spring appointment ends.  

Termination for Non-payment: If your insurance is terminated during the break period for non-payment, your coverage will not be reinstated until the first day of the first, full pay period after you return back to work in the fall.  Any premiums not paid during this period will remain your responsibility and collection efforts, up to, and including involuntary withholding, will continue through CMS even though you have returned back to work. Additionally, you will be required to re-enroll in any dependent coverage or optional life coverage within 60 days of your return. Coverage will not be automatically reinstated. Documentation to support this re-enrollment will be required.  For the period of time between the date of termination and the date of reinstatement, you and, if applicable, your dependents will NOT have insurance coverage.  Any costs for treatment sought or services received during this period will be your responsibility.  Please review the State Employee Benefits Handbook (Nonpayment of Premium) for additional information.